Full year results 2021

FY - 2021 £131.6m FY - 2020: £119.0m
Underlying gross profit
FY - 2021 £47.0m FY - 2020: £34.0m
Underlying operating profit
FY - 2021 £4.5m FY - 2020: (£6.4m)
Net debt
FY - 2021 (£15.7m) FY - 2020: (£11.4m)

What makes dialight different?


Embedded resonant power supply


Integrated mechanical and thermal design


Easy to install


Leading optical design


Advanced lighting control


Integrated with factory automation

  • Power supply designed in-house we can provide a ten year warranty
  • Better design leading to better light utilisation and fewer fixtures
  • Designs to reduce installation time
  • Significantly reduces the burden of maintenance and designed to last in harsh conditions
  • Connectivity to factory automation systems promises an enhanced value proposition

Our fixtures are designed to work in extreme temperatures


How will we drive market growth?

Target maintenance budget

One year payback

Lighting as a service

Lead the market

First to integrate with all the major building automation systems


Drive awareness of LED as a better solution

Access different decision makers

Corporate sustainability & safety managers

Design & process engineers

Lighting division

LED lighting for industrial users is the major growth segment for Dialight. The market is less than 10% penetrated and Dialight is the current market leader with an overall share of 32%. The market segments served are diverse but all require durability and safety from their lighting that gives reduced maintenance costs encompassed within a product that promotes sustainability through much lower power usage.

The market sectors that we serve include:
Mining img-46.png
Food and beverage img-47.png
Oil and gas img-48.png
Heavy Industry img-49.png
Power Generation img-50.png
Obstruction img-51.png
Lighting revenue
2021 £90.5m
2020 £81.7m
69% of group Revenue

The industrial portion of the total LED market is less than 10% converted and has a value of £50bn based on a 20 year retro-fit cycle.

We believe that this market will grow at a rapid but non-linear pace as traditional lighting is phased out.

"Switching out from fluorescents to the Dialight LEDs on the derrick saved us about 60% in our energy costs immediately and freed up capacity to power other activities more critical to the operation."

Mike Dillard Manager of Northeast Operations.

Signals & components division

This division operates in a mature market with significant competition and low barriers to entry.

The Signals & Components division consists of three main product types:
Traffic signals img-57.png
Vehicle lights img-58.png
Components img-59.png

The Signals and Components division consists of the Traffic and Transportation and Components businesses. Traffic and Transportations is focused on supplying traffic lights plus niche lights for specialist vehicles. The Components business sells status indicators to electronic original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”). This is a mature market with low barriers to entry.


Sustainability is a central tenet of Dialight's business strategy. We seek to build a long-term, sustainable business that creates economic, environmental and social value, thus delivering tangible benefits for all our stakeholders.

1 million

Our installed base of 2m fixtures saves 1m tonnes of CO2 per annum


CO2 savings by our customers per annum are more than 10 times the CO2 used in production


We have committed to be a net zero business by 2040