What do we do?

The Board is ultimately responsible for the creation and implementation of our health and safety policy and procedures, which include an effective system of ‘upward’ and ‘downward’ communication, appropriate standards for monitoring performance and ensuring that sufficient resources are available to support this activity.

Health and safety is a standard agenda item at every Board and Executive Board meeting and each of these receive a monthly report which reviews accident/risk analysis.

Although senior management take responsibility for the overall implementation, maintenance and development of our safety management system, every colleague has a responsibility for the safety of themselves and other colleagues, customers and visitors. Risk assessments are in place at all Dialight Group sites and updated as required.

We monitor compliance with policy and procedures to ensure conformity with best industry practice and to address any specific risks identified. Regular review meetings are held between the Dialight Group’s Health and Safety Manager and senior management from key operational functions.

We have a proactive approach to safety, and colleagues are encouraged to report all potential hazards and risks. We have an on-going programme of education and training.

Any serious accidents that occur during the year are recorded, with these Recordable Incidents making up one of our Dialight Group non-financials KPIs, thus linking directly to our corporate strategy (a recordable incident is one that results in a member of staff being incapacitated for more than three days). Dialight has a target of zero recordable incidents in any one year.

Other achievements

  • Policy, risk assessments and method statements reviewed across all Dialight Group sites.
  • Review of safety practices of manufacturing partner and logistics partners.
  • Significant reduction in reportable incidences.